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The Company

Ammerflon® GmbH Kunststoff- u. Dichtungstechnik is an innovative, efficient enterprise, founded in 1990 in Diessen/Bavaria, Germany. Already in 1994 continuously growing turnovers required an enlargement of our capacities, whereby our market position could be enormously strenthened at home as well as abroad. In 2001 we have founded our branch in Schiefling / Austria.

We do offer a comprehensive and rather complete range of products concerning industrial gaskets and technical plastics, such as gaskets made of expanded PTFE, gasket tapes and cords, CNC machined plastic precision parts, injection molded parts and other products of gasket and jointing techniques.

Our extisting offer of products is continuously adapted to the requirements of the market. In accordance to the demand of the market and our customers our range of goods is frequently enhanced in favour of new and innovative products. Thus, we are at any time in the position to fullfill the demand as its best.



Expanded PTFE Joint Sealants

- Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
- Expanded PTFE-Gasket Tape
- Expanded PTFE Gasket Sheets
- PTFE-Cord
- PTFE-Thread Seal Tape

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Precision CNC machined High Performance Plastic Parts

Precision CNC machined High Performance Plastic Parts.

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Semi-Finished Plastics

- PTFE Rod and Tube
- PTFE-Sheet and Tape
- Folien aus FEP, PFA, PVDF
- PVDF-Rod
- PVDF-Sheet
- PEEK-Rod
- PEEK-Sheet
- PFA-Rod



PTFE-Standard Tubing
PTFE-Heatshrink-Tubing 4:1
PTFE-Heatshrink-Tubing Shrink Ration 2:1
  Shrink Ratio 2:1

FEP-Heatshrink – Tubing for Rollers
FEP-Heatshrink approx. 1.6:1
FEP-Heatshrink-Tubing – thin wall 1.3:1
PTFE-Tubing (AWG-size)


PTFE coated fibreglass fabric

- Characteristics / Applications
- porous surface
- non porous surfaces
- special grade
  non porous surface,one side etched

- with antistatic finish
- one side self adhesive
- one side self adhesive,
  with antistatic finish

- non porous, premium quality
- non porous surface,with
  antistatic finish,premium quality

- special grade flexible type
  for expansion joints

- open mesh grade
- open mesh grade, with antistatic finish
- fabrics for textile architecture


Non Asbestos Packings

Non asbestos static and dynamic industrial gaskets for pumps and fittings.

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Plastic- and Sealing solutions for every application

Product Quality
The outstanding quality of all products supplied by Ammerflon® GmbH is an essential factori for our success. Only raw materials respectively prematerials of highest quality are utilized for all products manufactured by Ammerflon®.

Service Quality
Absolute reliability and a mutual cooperation with our customers create an cordial atmosphere in partnership.

Quality of Personal
Our highly motivated staff has an extended Know-How as well as long standing experience in the field of sealing and plastic techniques.

Quality System / Certification ISO 9001 : 2008
All products supplied by Ammerflon® GmbH are subjected to highest quality control and are manufactured according to international standards.

Ammerflon® GmbH Diessen has a quality management System for several years. The QM-System is beeing improved continuously. The entire plant has already been certified according to DIN EN ,ISO in early 1997.