Key features
  • Superior heat and cold resistance -200 oC up to +260 oC
  • Very low friction-coefficient
  • High tensile strength guarantees good mechanical charateristics
  • Dimensional stability under heat and pressure
  • Chemical resistance to nearly all media
  • Non adhesive, physiologically harmless, weather-proof, UV-resistant
  • High dielectric strength
Typical applications
Packaging Industry Separating tapes, conveyor belts
Textile industry Shrink-tunnel curtains, conveyor belts for shrink driers, continous-flow driers, steamers etc.
Food industry Continuous-baking sheets, conveyors for transport of meat, fish, tea, cereals, sweets, baked goods etc.
Architecture Membranes, roofing projects, light-dimming, interior decoration
Plant engineering Manufacturing of soft compensators: As intermediate layer or outer coating
Chemical industry Coating, separating tapes, conveyor belts, cooling conveyors for the manufacture of floor covering, conveyor belts in rubber processing
Other applications For lining vulcanizing presses, separators in production of grinding wheels, separating belts, for double-belt, laminating machines, coating of industrial chutes and funnels

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